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Crockett & Jones

  • Posted on
  • By GS Douville
Crockett & Jones


Casual, dress, or formal be always your best with Crockett & Jones

Crockett and Jones everything has been said about this Northampton shoe co.

For us at GS Douville it's a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with them. It's with joy that we offer them to the Canadian market. They are great high-end shoes well made with the best leathers and products available on the market. They are made to last a lifetime, and with age they will patine to perfection. They offer a complete resoling and reconditioning service. They propose two lines, the mainline which is very well made with fine details on the upper and sole. The handgrade more refined than the mainline, with finishing close to bespoke shoes like bevelled waist, close channel sole and full inner socks. To us both are spectacular and well made shoes. And they served all kinds of occasions. Weekend shoes and boots, countryside shoes and boots, city shoes and boots, formal shoes, and a wide range of loafers unlined for summer. These are shoes for connaisseurs appreciated by business people as well as shoe afficionnados.

We also offer  M.T.O

Feel free to swing by and try a pair we will be more than happy to assist you in your quest of the perfect gentlemen shoes.

 It's a brand to discover, and don't forget they dress the feet of Bond...James Bond!!